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Student Microscope IE-07

Student Microscope IE-07


Technical Specifications
» Stand : Stable & Robust, Traditional Horse Shoe Base
» Body : Inclined Through 90°, Standard Tube Length Of 160mm
» Focusing : Separate Coarse and Fine Focusing knobs With Graduation on One Side. Coarse Movement By Rack & Pinion and Fine Movement by Screw Lever Mechanism
» Nose Piece : Triple Revolving Nosepiece is Provided With Positive Click Stop For Proper Centering Movement Of Specimens
» Stage : Fixed Square Stage 125 X 125 mm With Stage Clips to Hold the Slide
» Illumination : Illumination Through a 50 mm Diameter plano concave mirror mounted on gimbal mount.
» Objectives : Two Achromatic Objectives Of 10X & 40X (SL)
» Eye pieces : Two Huygenian Eyepiece Of 6X, 10X or 15X
» Condenser : Two Huygenian Eyepiece Of 6X, 10X or 15X





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